Proelium is a submission for the Ludum Dare 41, and it was made in under 72 hours.I made it along with the two friends I made Kairos with. For this project though, we decided to make the game under the name of “Cronista”.


The game of the jam was to mix two different genres together. With that is mind, we decided to make a combination of a 2D action sidescroller and a Life-simulator clicker. The story would be about a hero, who has the duty to overcome the Immortal Evil. During the game, the hero ages, so her stats start to go lower and lower until she can barely hold her sword. Unless the player realises the secret ending, the boss will eventually kill him.

The game was made in Game Maker and exported to Windows and HTML5.

You can play the game here:


  • José Martín
  • Alejandro Moralo
Technologies Skills learnt
  • Game Maker
  • HTML5
  • Animation management
  • Quick prototyping