Here you can see the last positions I have worked at:

July 2018
Museo del Prado – Gammeranest
Construct Teacher

Gammeranest organised an activity in Museo del Prado with a group of around twenty teens for one week. The boys and girls first had a guided tour around the museum to get some inspiration and then make a game in Construct. The game had to follow the theme of the museum itself and feminism. During the activity, I was to give a brief introduction about video games in general, then explain about programming and Construct – briefly as well due to time restrictions – and then aid the groups until they finished their games. After this one-week workshop, I was to fix the major bugs in the games and ensure they could be exported to HTML5.
The workshop was a success, as the three groups of teens got to finish their games in time and managed to put their ideas into them fairly well.

September 2017 to June 2018
Recreativos Franco – R. Franco Games
Game Developer: Design and programming of multi-platform gambling games.

During this internship, I managed to finish a commercial game in which I did all the programming. The front-end of the game was made with Game Maker and a number of Javascript extensions, while the back-end was programmed in Java.

You can find a full report of my experience here. The report is written in Spanish.