Here you can see the last positions I have worked at:

Gameloft Barcelona

March 2023 to present
Technical artist

Improving the work pipeline of several teams in the studio: Environment, Characters, Animation, Vehicles and Level Design. By creating and improving 3DSMax and in-house tools and shaders.

I’m currently involved in Disney Speedstorm and Asphalt 9 projects.

Axes In Motion

May 2020 to February 2023
Game Developer

I worked as a generalist game developer focused on Unity3D: graphics, gameplay, VFX, etc; in a game with +300 Million downloads in Android.
Apart from Unity, I have been working with these tools:

  • The Atlassian suite: Jira, BitBucket, SourceTree and Confluence
  • Amplitude

CEV – Superior School of Communication, Image and Sound

October 2019 to October 2020
Game Programming & Design corrector

September 2018 to September 2019
Programming and Game Design Teacher

I worked as a teacher in the first and second years of the Superior Technician in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments degree. I made almost all the resources I needed to give the lessons, based on the curriculum scheme I was provided with. This curriculum included, in a simplified way:

  • Programming
    • Introduction to OO programming: C#, SFML
    • Introduction to Unity: The interface, basic movement, physics, 2D, animations
    • Advanced Unity: Programming patterns, advanced physics, shaders
  • Game Design
    • The game designer
    • Game mechanics
    • Level design
    • Project presentation
    • Introduction to narrative in videogames


May 2018 to October 2020
Co-founder, Producer and Programmer

I have been working with this team formed at my university in several projects. The team has varied its size from three to seven people, depending on the project.
The project we are more proud of is Virtual Rhythm.
We have also worked in other game jam projects you can find in my Projects section and also we have been making games for hire in order to sustain the studio.

Museo del Prado – Gammeranest

July 2018
Construct Teacher

Gammeranest organised an activity in Museo del Prado with a group of around twenty teens for one week. The boys and girls first had a guided tour around the museum to get some inspiration and then make a game in Construct. The game had to follow the theme of the museum itself and feminism. During the activity, I was to give a brief introduction about video games in general, then explain about programming and Construct – briefly as well due to time restrictions – and then aid the groups until they finished their games. After this one-week workshop, I was to fix the major bugs in the games and ensure they could be exported to HTML5.
The workshop was a success, as the three groups of teens got to finish their games in time and managed to put their ideas into them fairly well.

Recreativos Franco – R. Franco Games

September 2017 to June 2018
Game Developer: Design and programming of multi-platform gambling games.

During this internship, I managed to finish a commercial game in which I did all the programming. The front-end of the game was made with Game Maker and a number of Javascript extensions, while the back-end was programmed in Java.

You can find a full report of my experience here. The report is written in Spanish.