About me

I am a video game developer from Madrid who likes to get inside every aspect of video games’ creation. I love video games for their unexplored potential and the challenge they offer. I enjoy doing Game Jams with my friends whenever I can.

IMG_20190410_113839I like to swim, ride my mountain bike and, of course, play video games. I love listening to music, especially Jazz and Rock.

My passion in video games probably started later than it should. My first console was the Play Station 1, but I only got one when I was about 14 years old. I never had a memory card, so my only chance of completing a game would be to go throw it in a single session. Later on, I got a Nintendo DS, and here is when I started to see the true potential of video games, and that I would like to spend my life making them.

I did not take the decision of studying a degree in video games until the last moment, though. I had always thought about studying IT and then do a master’s degree in video games, but in the end, I decided for the specialised degree because – although it could be riskier – it had a more artistic approach, and provided a more varied profile.

Since university, I have been working on different companies and different self-projects, most of them with the crew of Cronista.