Programming languages

These are the programming languages I have more experience with. Please, check my GitHub repository for examples of some of my most recent projects.


This is my main language. I have used this language for more than five years to program scripts in Unity, as well as standalone applications.

I have worked with Visual Studio, VS Code and MonoDevelop IDEs.

Max Script

I’m able to create scripts to automate exporting, material creation, repetitive or procedural geometry and overall enhance and optimize the pipeline of any art team.


I have three years of experience working in console projects and forms (Visual Studio). I have developed programs as:

  • Custom 3D game engine with OpenGL and physics with Bullet 3D
  • Network protocols (TCP, UDP), server-client based applications and online-multiplayer games
  • File management
  • 2D games using the SFML library


More recently, I’ve picked up Python to do file management automations and tools.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

I have developed web pages for more than two years, programming directly in HTML and CSS, or using content managers such as Joomla! or WordPress. I have also used Bootstrap in one of my projects. Most of the web pages I have programmed had a responsive design and used animations and transitions.


As mentioned earlier, Unity is my go-to game engine for personal projects, and I have 4 years of professional competence. See also Virtual Rhythm and Experience for more info.


I’m proficient in the following art tools:


  • Spanish → Native speaker
  • English → Level C1 (Cambridge) See certificate
  • German → Basic. I have lived in Germany for one year.
  • Chinese (汉语) → Basic