Virtual Rhythm

I’ve been working on this project with Cronista for around six months as a side project.

Virtual Rhythm is a VR game about a monkey’s birthday party where you play loads of rhythm-based minigames, enjoying the music in a tropical paradise.

With Virtual Rhythm we aim to develop a Video Game that uses rhythm and music as the core for many and diverse minigames, giving a funny and lighthearted experience in which music, mechanics and art are combined into a colourful and cheerful way, with several difficulty levels, attracting that way the more infant public that just want to have a good time and the more hardcore players that search getting top scores.

In this project, I have been in charge of the producer and programmer roles.

During the development of Virtual Rhythm, we have attended to several events, such as Reboot Develop in Croatia and Guerrilla Games Festival in Madrid. And we are planning to showcase it in further events around Europe.

Try it out here.

Steam VR
VR programming
Tools programming
Project management (Scrum)
Budget making
General Producer skills