Dueling Roots II

🏆”Best Game” of #MJW15🏆 This is a local multiplayer fighting game in which you will have to write words that contains the root word given. You will damage your opponent each time you write words successfully and with each word-strike.

No sueltes mi mano

🏆Best narrative game of Spain Game Devs Jam III🏆 “No sueltes mi mano” is a simple physics puzzle game about love and compromise. It can be played in the browser here.

D&D Map Sketcher

I started this project in my free time during the 2020 quarantine. After a month or so of development and testing, I started to post about it in social media, and immediately got a huge response, with hundreds of thousands interactions on Twitter and Reddit. D&D Map Sketcher is available for free in itch.io. Seeing…


Game made for Brackeys Game Jam #2, with the theme “Love is blind”. In order to play you have to move the camera (Drag Right Click) to look around, the only way of interacting with your surroundings its via your gaze 😉 “A glance at a bar, those eyes, a spark between you two that…

Virtual Rhythm

I’ve been working on this project with Cronista for around six months as a side project. Virtual Rhythm is a VR game about a monkey’s birthday party where you play loads of rhythm-based minigames, enjoying the music in a tropical paradise. With Virtual Rhythm we aim to develop a Video Game that uses rhythm and…

3D Printing

During my last year at ESNE, I attended a course in “use of the Fab Lab and 3D printing“. The course took 10h of theory and practice in ESNE’s Fab Lab. Diploma. View this post on Instagram #fablab #esne A post shared by Daniel Fernández (@dani_fm_96) on Apr 24, 2018 at 5:13am PDT

AI Racing

AI Racing is a study prototype that aims to create a reliable racing AI, capable of running on any race track. It uses a 3-layer feed-forward neural network. The network is provided with initial training values and gets better each time it crashes. It receives the distance from the walls to the car from three…

Wild Destinies

Wild Destinies is the final degree project I made at ESNE. The game is a slow-paced platformer with puzzles. We were a group of nine developers: three designers, three artists and three programmers. We aimed to have a complete level by the end of the year and, although we had to cut some features, we…


I have made several 3Ds Max tools, written in MaxScript. You can have a look at them at my GitHub repository. Here is a demo of one of my first tools:


Proelium is a submission for the Ludum Dare 41, and it was made in under 72 hours.I made it along with the two friends I made Kairos with. For this project though, we decided to make the game under the name of “Cronista”. The game of the jam was to mix two different genres together. With…