Wild Destinies

Wild Destinies is the final degree project I made at ESNE.

The game is a slow-paced platformer with puzzles. We were a group of nine developers: three designers, three artists and three programmers. We aimed to have a complete level by the end of the year and, although we had to cut some features, we got to make it just in time.

The game features a hook mechanic, which was my main focus during the development. It’s procedurally created each time the player throws the hook, using joints to tie the different sections together and provide a realistic behaviour. Other tasks I did during the development were the player movement and animations; some puzzle mechanics, and some of the visual effects.

You can download and try the game here.

You can access the paper on the explanation of the programming of the game, some highlights of the code I wrote and an investigation paper I did on shaders in Unity here.


Technologies Skills learnt
  • Unity
  • Project management
  • Animation management
  • Physics programming
  • Profiling