Game Maker Class

I gave a Game Maker 2 class to first and second-year students from my university.

As by that time I had almost four years of experience with the engine and even some months of professional experience, I decided to share my knowledge among the wannabe programmers that wished to attend. The class was imparted in Spanish, as any other class in ESNE. Because the students in ESNE have to make a project at the end of the semester, I thought that having an alternative to Unity (that they don’t know how to use well yet) and Construct (which is not very useful to learn) would be very useful for them.

Before the class, I had prepared a presentation and worked on the example I was going to make.

In the class, I made a quick introduction to the basics of programming a game with a game engine, explained the components and specifics of Game Maker 2 and made an interactive example with the students.

In the end, it turned out pretty well, and the students felt like it was a good use of their time and had learned well these basics, which would have been more difficult to achieve doing so by their own.

You can download the slides here.

The banner for the class was designed by me as well.

Clase GameMaker