Kairos is a game I made with two friends for the Meta Game Jam, hosted in itch.io.

Kairos finished in the top 5, from 115 entries.

We had two weeks to develop a game that fitted the “meta” theme. In the end, we came up with the idea of a Greek emperor, who would win an achievement every time he makes a decision. The idea would be to give these trophies as much importance as possible, for later they would be removed from the emperor if he decides to give them away in exchange for his immortality.

The game is made in Game Maker and exported to Windows and HTML5.

You can play the game here:



(min 23:33)


  • José Martín
  • Alejandro Moralo
Technologies Developed skills
  • Game Maker
  • HTML5
  • File parsing
  • Quick prototyping