Pointillism material

So I saw this post and really liked the idea of recreating the pointillism style in Blender.

Art by • Tyler Pennington

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This is more like inked style rather than a oil painting pointillism style.

After playing around for a while I found that I would need to make a decision between either:

  • Have a gradient with points of varying size
  • Keep the points size constant but have a discrete number of shade layers

In the end I decided to go for the second option, as I think keeping the point size constant was a must to keep the style. The layers are not too noticeable, but the issue here was to get dark enough values. The four layer setup could only get so dark as the middle value I wanted to achieve. Finally I solved this with a “mesh” layer that simulates drawing short strokes with a thicker pen.

Here is the end result:

Now to the breakout

The points layer is just a Voronoi noise with a remap that allows to change the resulting points thickness.

I also made it so the pattern could be animated every few frames by playing with the texture coordinates.

The blue value is a “#frame“ attribute. And the “Value“ input it is just a random number I set outside the group to make sure the points do not overlap.

Then it is just a matter of defining the layers size with raps and mixing everything with multiply operations.

I also made a “mesh layer“ the only difference here is that I set the Voronoi to “distance to edge“ mode.

The outline is made with a simple grease pencil setup:


There is a couple of details I am still not really happy with, but I could not get a way to fix.

1. In a very close up look, you can perceive some hard cuts in the layering

2. I really could not find a way to reproduce this wavy pattern in the dots layout. I tried doing some math in the vector input of the Voronoi noise with a wave texture, but that would also stretch the dots and completely break the effect.

Even if the final result is not perfect, I think it is enough to sell the effect when you look at the whole picture.

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