Project Infection

Project Infection is a game I did in group for a game jam, programmed in Game Maker Studio. The game is a 2D sidescroller shooter and platformer. We inspired the aesthetics of the game in “Rick and Morty” TV show. The game flow was based on enemy waves that the player would have to survive…

Temple of Ages

As the final project of my first year in ESNE, I made with my group Temple of Ages, a dungeon-crawler 2D game, programmed in Game Maker Studio. The idea for Temple of ages was to make a dungeon crawler with procedural-generated levels and rooms. Heavily inspired in “The Binding of Isaac”, but focusing on melee…


Rewind is a graphic adventure programmed in Game Maker in a game jam. The main mechanics featured point-and-click mechanics, drag and drop and decision taking in dialogues. The story of the game, as the theme of the game jam was time-travel, was a crime story in which the detective had rewind superpowers. At the end…

Mad Tribes

This is a board game I did as a group project for a design subject in the first year of my degree. Mad Tribes is a strategy and unit-management game with a combat system based in flanking the enemy units with your units. The game featured effect card mechanics as well. Here a link to the instructions…

Free-hand Drawing

Drawing has always been easy for me, but I only enjoy doing it from time to time. However,  I have never actually practised it for a long time. I have worked with different techniques, but I think what I most enjoy (and what I am actually good at it) is copying from natural using charcoal.

Adobe Illustrator

I have more than one year of experience making mostly cartoon style images. You can have a look at some of my work here.

Adobe Photoshop

I have worked in several types of Photoshop projects during my degree: Image edition Digital painting Graphic design Asset correction (for game engine) Here you can see some examples of these

Autodesk 3DS Max

I have modelled and texturized in 3DS Max for more than one year. Most of the projects I’ve worked on are university projects. I have acquired skills in: Low-poly modelling Hard surface modelling Materials Texturing Lightning Asset correction (for game engine) Here can be found examples of my 3DS Max projects

Project Mountain

Project Mountain is a game I did in ESNE as the end of the year project in my second year with my group (Raven Ink Studios). I was a programmer and the project manager in this project. About Project Mountain The game is a 3D “walking simulator” with puzzles fused with the narration, with the focus on the…