During my degree, I have used multiple engines, technologies and libraries. These are the engines which I have more experience and I feel more confident with.


These are the programming languages I have more experience with. Please, check my GitHub repository for examples of some of my most recent projects.

Project management

I have worked in several university projects as producer (or project manager). And in some others as lead programmer. My tasks as project manager were the distribution of the tasks among the group components and time managing. I have used Trello and Hack’n’Plan as Scrum tools for to manage tasks and deadlines of the components…


WARENA is an augmented reality project I worked on in Cologne Game Lab, during my Erasmus scholarship. WARENA is a strategy game, for two players in which each player has to control three units that can change their stats during the game, and try to destroy the three enemy units. The game is played using…