Asphalt 9

Currently working on this game as Technical Artist improving the work pipeline of several teams in the studio: Environment, Characters, Animation, Vehicles and Level Design. By creating and improving 3DSMax and in-house tools.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

I worked on this game In Axes in Motion for almost 3 years. It is an open-world racing simulator game with +500 Million downloads on Android, also available on iOS. In this project, I worked as a generalist game developer focused on Unity3D: – Gameplay– Optimization– Graphics and VFX– Tools– Physics– Services


WARENA is an augmented reality project I worked on in Cologne Game Lab, during my Erasmus scholarship. WARENA is a strategy game, for two players in which each player has to control three units that can change their stats during the game, and try to destroy the three enemy units. The game is played using…