Adobe Photoshop

I have worked in several types of Photoshop projects during my degree: Image edition Digital painting Graphic design Asset correction (for game engine) Here you can see some examples of these

Autodesk 3DS Max

I have modelled and texturized in 3DS Max for more than one year. Most of the projects I’ve worked on are university projects. I have acquired skills in: Low-poly modelling Hard surface modelling Materials Texturing Lightning Asset correction (for game engine) Here can be found examples of my 3DS Max projects

Project Mountain

Project Mountain is a game I did in ESNE as the end of the year project in my second year with my group (Raven Ink Studios). I was a programmer and the project manager in this project. About Project Mountain The game is a 3D “walking simulator” with puzzles fused with the narration, with the focus on the…