During my degree, I have used multiple engines, technologies and libraries. These are the engines which I have more experience and I feel more confident with.


I have worked on several group projects using Unity, and some of them as lead programmer. I have also worked on some Unity projects by myself.

I have had different programming roles working with Unity, which comprehended all the tasks in a normal project from beginning to end. If I had to, I would say particles and visual effects is my strongest skill in Unity. I have worked in 3D and 2D projects.


I have used Game Maker mostly in group projects that required quick prototyping, like at game jams. I have only worked in 2D projects with this engine, where I had to do tasks such as physics programming, game-flow management, visual effects,…

I gave a Game Maker 2 class in my university, check it here.

Although I have not used Construct in a project for a long time, I keep going back to it to see its new features and to make small prototypes.

I taught it in a game development workshop for kids organised by Gammeranest.